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The Mealies - Live at BoMA

Track Listing

01Moonbeam [5:37]
02Dishwater Blonde [5:58]
03Breathe [4:54]
04Big Yellow Pine [6:49]
05Paper Airplane [5:07]
06Hard Place [3:48]
07Watercolor [5:29]


In the spring of 2010 Willy joined up with the Carpe Diem String Quartet in their hometown of Columbus for a supposed on-time-only collaboration. What ended up happening is that they wowed audiences and realized they created something special. Those performances are now captured in part on "The Mealies - Live at BoMA." Seven of Willy's previously released songs have been beautifully rearranged with the quartet for a stunning new take on these fan favorites.

Released: 2010
Label: Weasel Records