Cheeseburgers & Gasoline

This EP represents a series of recording sessions at Willy’s home studio, Dog Tracks, in Milwaukee Wisconsin. He has captured this batch of songs as live animals – largely as they would be heard at a live show. In every case the guitar and vocals were recorded completely live without any overdubs or added parts with the obvious exception of Tilt-a-Whirl which has multiple back ground vocal parts from Willy, as well as three separate guitars. Further, the song “Iowa Sky” has a very subtle octave mandolin overdub as well. This collection shows the growing collaborative spirit between Willy and Milwaukee-based singer songwriter Carmen Nickerson. Their duet on their first commercially released co-write, “Iowa Sky” is a thing of beauty. The vocal grit and steam they’ve combined with Porter’s deep-tuned 9-string acoustic baritone guitar on Peter Gabriel’s, “Digging in the Dirt” is at once both fresh and thought-provoking. This may be largely a live endeavor; however, the detail captured in the way the guitar has been recorded and mixed leaves a lot to be discovered on repeated listens. There is a lot more gasoline than cheese here.

Weasel Records