Wasting Time

from Bonfire to Ash


  • Wasting Time
Reach for the window
Open the good in yourself
See diamonds around you
In everyone else
Sometimes you can hear it
Silence of wings on the wind
Withdraw your resistance
And let my love in
Sometimes we’re all lazy and crazy and tired
But you’re wasting time, Trying to find
A sweet summer mystic
To help you forget the past
You’ll shed your old skin once again
But the healing won’t last
Passion burns quickly from bonfire to ash
When you’re wasting time Looking behind
Sometimes I wonder how far you can bend
Before you break
Look me in the eye darling you know
I’ll be here as long as it takes
Wind in the wires
Sings as it sighs
Reminds us of lovers we knew
They never told you that you were a star
So stop wasting time
Learning your lines
So stop wasting time
Maybe it’s crazy, I still want to try


from Bonfire to Ash, released November 3, 2016
The Band:
Carmen Nickerson: Lead & Backing Vocals, Percussion
Willy Porter: Lead & Backing Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars
Zev Katz: Acoustic and Electric Bass
Ben Wisch: Acoustic and Electric Piano, Organ and Harmonium
Ben Wittman: Drums & Percussion

Guest Musicians:
Knox Chandler: Electric Guitar on “Wasting Time” and “If You Stay”

Written by Willy Porter & Carmen Nickerson.
©℗ 2016 Porter Nickersongs / ASCAP. All Rights Reserved.