Echo Of Love

from Bonfire to Ash


  • Echo Of Love
I’m skating by myself staring down through the clear
Laying down & waiting for the stars to appear
You seem to want to be everywhere but here
How could so little love hurt so much?
I’ve been wounded angry at the slow speed of grace
I screamed in the mirror at my own reflected face
Tried to take credit for my role in this play
But our little run on Broadway is a bust
Oh I can’t explain what became of us
14-dollar flowers in a vase by the door
Dry gone-grey petals are scattered on the floor
We both walk by not seeing, not hearing anymore
Someone has to bend to pick them up
Maybe I should be the one to stand up and say
When the dream was broken
I left the pieces where they lay
But my voice has been stolen
And my hands feel like clay
When silence is all I can offer up
I can’t explain what became
I can’t explain what became of us
I want to reach across this room,
but my hands are tied
I hear the echo of love in the back of my mind
I took a walk down today to our secret place
I thought I saw the ghost of love,
I thought I saw your face
In the long willow branches as they bent in the breeze
Made my heart feel so full of rust
If this illusion ever lets me go
I’ll forgive myself as the sun melts the snow
There is no absolution in the echo of love
Just freedom from shadows in the dusk
I can’t explain what became of us


from Bonfire to Ash, released November 3, 2016
The Band:
Carmen Nickerson: Lead & Backing Vocals, Percussion
Willy Porter: Lead & Backing Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars
Zev Katz: Acoustic and Electric Bass
Ben Wisch: Acoustic and Electric Piano, Organ and Harmonium
Ben Wittman: Drums & Percussion

Written by Willy Porter & Carmen Nickerson.
©℗ 2016 Porter Nickersongs / ASCAP. All Rights Reserved.