Plant A Garden

from Bonfire to Ash


  • Plant A Garden

We all live in a big dome
Fuzzy little creatures set out to roam
We dance around like puppets who won’t cut the string
Like cancer kills the host, we destroy everything
I wanna plant a garden in the sun
Wheels keep spinning and spinning around
But there’s a better way I’ve found
I’m gonna take these seeds and plant them in the ground
And stop spinning and spinning around
You can modify, but love still wins
You can change the form, but Mother Nature steps in
After all the trees are gone & there are no birds in the sky
Your granddaughter’s gonna take your hand and
Look you in the eye and say
I wanna plant a garden…
When the water covers this land again
We’ll climb aboard the garbage scow
The flotilla of trash we’ve thrown away
That’ll be our new home now
Like Noah sailed for 40 days
We’ll climb on two by two
There won’t be any animals left
It’ll just be me & you

from Bonfire to Ash, released November 3, 2016
The Band:
Carmen Nickerson: Lead & Backing Vocals, Percussion
Willy Porter: Lead & Backing Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars
Zev Katz: Acoustic and Electric Bass
Ben Wisch: Acoustic and Electric Piano, Organ and Harmonium
Ben Wittman: Drums & Percussion

Guest Musicians:
Mai Bloomfield: Cello on “Plant a Garden” and “I Need You”

Written by Willy Porter & Carmen Nickerson.
©℗ 2016 Porter Nickersongs / ASCAP. All Rights Reserved.