Album Review: Bonfire to Ash in Blues in Britain

From Blues in Britain

American virtuoso guitarist and singer Willy Porter has recorded blues items in the past, and singer Carmen Nickerson has sung jazz, R’n’B and rock, but the emphasis of this album is mainly on a laid-back, intimate, Americana approach.

Nonetheless, Willy’s bluesy fingerpicking should appeal to some readers and numbers like the up tempo opening track “Old Red Barn,” “Plant a Garden,” and especially the relatively gritty, riff driven “In Bloom,” the rocking “Earthquake” and the folky “Sign” should appeal to those blues lovers–and there do seem to be a good number of them around these days–who also enjoy thoughtful original songs and a traditional country influence. The blues and jazz inflections can be very subtle on this album, but careful listening does indeed reveal that they are definitely there.

-Norman Darwen